A downloadable Hotline Berzerk for Windows

The year is 1989, again.

Things seem to look a bit different since the last time you were here, although as your mind goes fuzzy you can't help but try to shake off a familiar feeling.

Not that it won't change anything, this is still the same old story you've already been through. You know what happens.

Welcome back to Miami.

Hotline Berzerk

Hotline Berzerk is a short fan-made tribute crossover between Dennaton Games' Hotline Miami and Stern Electronics' Berzerk

Combining the brutally difficult combat and arcade-like nature of both games, Hotline Berzerk is essentially what Hotline Miami would play like if it were released back then.

Blast and slice your way through 4 challenging levels reimagined from Hotline Miami 1 & 2, each with a unique character to play as.


Like many older games of the time, Hotline Berzerk has a simple but limited control scheme. WASD is your standard movement, and SPACE is to interact/shoot.

There's more tips and tricks to find out, make sure you play the Tutorial to learn more.


Bonus art by ErraticAvulnine


Game by crazyjaydon

Music by Beasuce, Danny Judas and Lapuaa

Sounds by a1337spy


This is a non-profit fan-game, Hotline Miami belongs to Dennaton Games and Berzerk belongs to Stern Electronics.

Hotline Berzerk was made using Construct 3.


Cool artists that helped out with the music, please support them!





Hotline Berzerk does not currently support any refresh rates higher than 60hz, please set your monitor refresh rate to 60hz for the most optimal way to play.

Any higher refresh rates may cause slow down.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsatari, Difficult, Fangame, one-hit-kill, Retro, Short, Singleplayer

Install instructions

1. Install file.

2. Extract file anywhere on your computer.

3. Go into the 'win32' folder, and select 'Hotline Berzerk.nwjs' to play.

(Optional: While the game is open, press F to go into full screen)

(Optional: Press K on the main menu and reload the game to delete save progress)


HotlineBerzerk.zip 99 MB


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Just finished it and wow this is amazing. Any  plans  on doing more?


Thanks for playing!

If there's a high enough demand for more Hotline Berzerk content, I may think about it.


Wow, who would have thaugt one could demake Hotline Miami so well!? Amazing!


First off, I gotta say how much I love Itchio's random game feature. 

And yeah, this game was good. The kind of game where all I can think of while playing was how bullshit some of the mechanics were, like the 8 directional shooting you get while enemies can shoot with pinpoint accuracy halfway across the level, or how the random patrol patterns in some levels can screw up your run. But like anything difficult you just pull up your big boi pants and learn how to play the damn game. And now after finishing it I have to say that I enjoyed what was here, warts and all.

Also I found an exploit on the purple guys where their death timers after they're shot keep going after you pause the game, so you can shoot them and pause for a few seconds and they'll die instantly after you unpause. Made a few levels much easier.

Glad to hear you still enjoyed it nevertheless, the game is pretty much intended for Hotline Miami veterans so that's why it's quite difficult :)

Damn, nice find on that exploit though!

Hotline Miami 3?


Nope, and there never will be.

hi, in which file can i find music? and yeah, the game is awesome

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Unfortunately, there is no way to access the music in the files that I am aware of.

However I am putting up a full soundtrack on my channel soon that contains of all the songs found within the game, hope that helps!

You can also check out the soundcloud artists I've linked and they may have some of the music there, they did a great job helping out with the soundtrack!

Here it is:


Wow! This is a new step in the development of hotline Miami fan games, I think so

A step backwards or forwards? Who knows.